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We are an OEM Manufacturer of Premium Optical Transceivers, Direct Attach Cables, and Active Optical Cables

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  • High Quality Optical Products

  • 5 Year Warranty

  • Sales Channel Model

  • In-house Testing Platform

  • Unparalleled Tech Support

Optical Transceivers & High Speed Cables

Optical Transceivers and High Speed Cables

IVI Optics offers an extensive array of optical transceivers, direct attach cables, and active optical cables. IVI Optics are 100% Compatible with over 38 OEM Brands which feature 1G, 10G, 25G, 40G, and 100G industry standards.

High Performance Optical Transceivers

5 Year Warranty on IVI Optics Transceivers

IVI Optics provides 5 year warranties on all transceivers and provides 2 year warranties on direct attach cables / active optical cables. IVI Optics RMA replacement units ship from our North Carolina warehouse stock.

High Performance Optical Transceivers

Sales Channel Model

IVI Optics sells exclusively through IVI Optics authorized channel partners. Let our expert staff help you with our pre-sales support and product strategy. Don't hesitate apply today and experience our difference!

High Performance Optical Transceivers

Quality Assurance

Rest assured - Each IVI Optic transciever, DAC, and AOC cables is tested for quality and compatibility using the designated OEM manufacturer's switch, router, firewall, etc. and operating system. We certify each unit ensuring our commitment to 100% customer satisfaction and product quality.

High Performance Optical Transceivers

Unparalleled Tech Support Team

Our support team is an accumulation of networking industry pre-sales and implementation experts. Chat with us to experience the difference.

Our Story

We are a Company of experienced engineering entrepreneurs that have a passion for innovation. Our innovation comes in the form of software development, hardware development, and productized advanced services. We are driven to provide affordable top quality optical transceivers, direct attach cables (DAC), and active optical cables (AOC). We understand your competitive landscape and we offer pre-sales support using IVI Optics to help gain advantages in future deals.

Welcome to IVI Optics

Mike Cotrone
Mike Cotrone
CEO / President

Mr. Cotrone is an experienced high-tech entrepreneur contributing at many different levels: Executive leadership, service/software product development, Cisco/Arista/Agema pre-sales, design, services marketing, and customer support. Mike holds two Cisco CCIE certifications for Routing/Switching and Voice. Previously, Mike worked at Cisco Systems as an SE in St. Louis and then as a NCE IV for Cisco Advanced Services in RTP, NC.

Richard Collins
Richard Collins
Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Collins has 22+ years of experience on networking focus areas on security and data centers. Mr.Collins holds a BS from NC State's Computer Engineering program and has numerous Cisco certifications. Richard has many years of entrepreneurial experience productizing services, leading advanced engineering teams, and providing high-end engineering services. Previously, Richard worked at Cisco Systems as an SE in Charlotte, NC.

Robert Misior
Robert Misior
Chief Development Officer

Mr. Misior holds a Masters of Science in Computer Science from University of North Carolina at Greensboro and Bachelors of Arts in Computer Science from High Point University. Mr. Misior also achieved the CCIE Unified Collaboration in addition to his development accolades. Robert's customer service capability is some of the best in our industry.

How We Sell

IVI Optics operates a sales channel partner only model as we recognize that having a pre-sales competitive edge is crucial when competing against other Cisco, Arista, HPE, Palo Alto, F5, and Brocade partners. We strive to make selling IVI Optics easy since we are sensitive to your time and believe that its more important to focus time on selling instead of managing a complex channel partner relationship. We offer two ways to help you sell IVI Optics:

Become an authorized IVI Optics channel partner

  • You will have access to our online self service partner portal for pricing, ordering, and management
  • Easily place and manage orders through the IVI Optics online partner portal
  • We will drop ship RMA replacement units for your convenience

Become an Agent of IVI Optics

  • If your company is not on-ramping new manufacturers at this time
  • Earn incentives with our creative IVI Optics incentive programs
  • IVI Optics would handle the transaction directly with the end-customer
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Q. Does IVI Optics QA test each transceiver, AOC, and DAC?

A. Yes. On delivery receipt from our manufacturing plant we validate each transceiver, AOC, and/or DAC from within the specific switch, router, firewall, etc. that it was encoded for.

Q. If we or our end-customer has a bad optic how long do we have to wait for an RMA?

A. No hassle RMA process - Once we verify that an optic is non-functional we will process the RMA request immediately

Q. Where does IVI Optics ship products from?

A. Either from Greensboro, NC / Chapel Hill, NC / Charlotte, NC with same day shipping if processed prior to 4:00pm EST.

Q. How do I get support as an IVI Optics authorized channel partner?

A. Direct from the IVI Optics partner portal through online chat, text, email, or phone

Q. What happens if IVI Optics is out of stock on a specific product?

A. Our manufacuturing lead times vary - however, we generally see 1 ½ to 2 ½ weeks for a new manufacturing run with delivery to IVI Optics

Q. Do your Cisco-Compatible IVI Optics branded transceiver work in Cisco UCS Interconnects (No CLI)?

A. Yes we have verified this with our IVI Optics 10G SFP+ and 40G QSFP+ optics. PLEASE NOTE that you must purchase the “Cisco Compatible” model of IVI Optics.

Q. Do IVI Optics require special unlock codes for Cisco, Arista, F5, Palo Alto, etc.?

A. No, most IVI Optics transceivers, AOC, and DAC do not require OEM operating system unlock commands. PLEASE NOTE that you must have purchased the correct vendor compatible IVI optics (i.e. Cisco, Arista, Brocade, F5, Palo Alto, etc.) or otherwise you may have to use a command to allow generic 3rd party optical transceivers

Q. Cisco IOS, IOS-XE, NX-OS what is the command to allow generic 3rd party optical transceivers?

A. service unsupported-transceivers

Q. Arista EOS what is the command to allow generic 3rd party optical transceivers?

A. Arista EOS requires the use of a key that is configured along with the service unsupported-transceiver (key)